The department faculty and staff are very supportive of graduate student efforts. This helps students feel welcome and eager to do well.

Department of Urdu was established in 2013 under Distance Education Program. Initially the Directorate launched M.A Urdu program with a view to provide facilities for advanced studies and original research in the field of Urdu language and Literature. Currently The department is working in the building of Department of Mass Communication.
The Board of Study after much deliberation developed the syllabus and made it according to the requirements of contemporary market. Thus enabling the outgoing students of Urdu department successful in acquiring jobs in different public and private organizations such as in Schools, Colleges, Universities and different media outlets.
Some students who passed out from the department are providing their services in Radio, Television as script writer, as reporters and sub-editors in newspapers and magazines and News agencies.
In September 2015, Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja ordered to implement Urdu as official language thus increasing importance of Urdu manifold.

Academic Facilities

A departmental library is housed in the office of program coordinator, Dr Muhammad Wasim Abar, with a collection of about 200 books on self-support basis. It is meant to provide reading facilities to the students of this department in addition to the Central library of Gomal University. Department is aimed to celebrate national days and arrange seminars on national issues.

Future of Urdu
  • Urdu is our National Language and Urdu is being taught at FA and BA as a separate subject and majority of students want to do Masters in Urdu Language and Literature
  • Although 21 Universities are operational in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but only Peshawar University is offering Masters in Urdu
  • About 99% National & Private News Channels present their program in Urdu language, they need candidates speaking, reading and writing good Urdu language
  • Most of the Newspapers are published in Urdu and widely circulated. The print and electronic media require candidates who can read, write and speak standard Urdu
  • All the proceedings of Senate, National and Provincial assemblies are in Urdu
  • In our daily life, Speeches, Seminars, Conferences and Rallies, speakers use Urdu language as medium of expression
  • At school and College level medium of instruction/teaching is Urdu. So at PTC, B.Ed. and M.Ed. levels, students should be taught the importance of Urdu
  • In Urdu Dept. Research will be possible on local Poets, Writers, and Scholars who have rendered services in Education, Politics, Sports and Socio-Economic life of people in DIK and Pakistan
  • On July 10th 2015, Prime Minister declared Urdu as Official Language. Supreme of of Pakistan was told that President, Prime Minister and Federal minister will deliver their speeches in Urdu
  • In September2015, Chief Justice Jawwad S. Khawja ordered to implement Urdu as Official language. All the Governmental and semi-governmental institutions will translate their Laws and proceedings in Urdu within 3-month.
    Keeping in views the above facts it is hoped that there will be lot of vacancies in the various departments of public and private sectors for the candidates having Master Degree in Urdu

– Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria:
  • B. Com/BBA, BA and B.Sc with Urdu
  • No age limit
  • At least 2nd Division in Aggregate