Gomal is a Leading University, has to maintain its status in competitive environment through applying upgrated technology

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Prof Bashir Ahmad Malik
Prof Bashir Ahmad Malik Incharge

Academic Qualification: MSC Mathematics
Professional Qualification: B.Ed, M.ed
Experience: Teaching 30 Years , Administration 10 Year

Safeer Akhtar
Safeer AkhtarCoordinator

Academic Qualification: B.Com (Hon)
Professional Qualification: M.Phil (Mgt)

Prof Muhammad Ramzan
Prof Muhammad RamzanCoordinator M.A Urdu
Academic Qualification: M.Phil. (Islamic Studies)
Professional Qualification: M.Ed, Library Science, Course PHD
Yasir Mustafa
Yasir MustafaLecturer Education
Academic Qualification: M.S. (Genomics)
Professional Qualification: MBA (Marketing), M.Phil Education
Dr.Naeem Anjum
Dr.Naeem AnjumLecturer MBA Executive
Academic Qualification: PhD (Management Science and Engineering)
Professional Qualification: PhD (Management Science and Engineering)
Muhammad Asif Nadeem
Muhammad Asif NadeemCoordinator MBA Executive
Academic Qualification: BBA(Hons)
Professional Qualification: MS(Management Science)
Muhammad Aamir Khan
Muhammad Aamir KhanLecturer MBA Executive
Academic Qualification: MBA Finance
Professional Qualification: MS(Management Science)
Arsalan Abid
Arsalan AbidCoordinator M.A Accounting & Finance
Academic Qualification: BS Acounting
Professional Qualification: MS (Finance)
Dr.Muhammad Akram Aziz
Dr.Muhammad Akram AzizCoordinator Education
Academic Qualification: Ph.D Education
Professional Qualification: B.ed, M.ed, M.A English, M.A.Urdu
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad ImranCoordinator English
Academic Qualification: M.Phil English
Prof Habibullah Khan Niazi
Prof Habibullah Khan NiaziLecturer Urdu
Academic Qualification: M.A Urdu
Professional Qualification: M.Phil Urdu